06 December 2010

Anniversary Bash: Day One!

Welcome to a huge week here at Unusual Historicals. It's our fourth anniversary! Amazing, right? It's been wonderful to gather such a vibrant community of authors and readers who love not only historical romance, but who love the places and settings that sparkle with extra verve.

So what better way to celebrate an anniversary than with a party? And what better way to party than to give away free books? We've cleared the decks here at UH and all this week we're giving away freaking stacks of books. Huge shindig time, people. Tell all your friends. (No, seriously. Tell everyone. Just like a real world party, it'll only make the place rock harder.)

The thing about Unusual Historicals is that we've gathered such a wide crew, it makes theming out the days just a wee bit tough sometimes. (I'm not even sure I can describe how much I love that. No pigeonholing our authors.) But I tried. I promise that much.

On that note, today's awesome-sauce covered giveaway:

Medieval day! With some cool castles and wonderfully steamy, sexy fairy tales as a bonus!

Castles and princesses and knights, oh my! They've all long been prevalent in the romance genre. And why not? Who doesn't love a good princess--or even better, a slightly naughty one? So we've got nine books to give out today. That's right, I said NINE. It only gets better: they're all signed. I told you our Unusual Historicals authors are awesome, didn't I?

If you're super-duper lucky enough today, you'll get:

Lila DiPasqua:
Awakened by a Kiss and The Princess in His Bed

Lindsay Townsend:
A Knight's Vow, A Knight's Captive, and A Knight's Enchantment

Margaret Mallory:
Knight of Pleasure (This one is a RITA finalist, y'all. How cool is that?)

Blythe Gifford:
Innocence Unveiled

I gotta say, I'm a little jealous of that stack. I kind of want to keep them for my own. So help me save my toppling TBR pile: every entry absolutely MUST have a valid email address. If there is not an email, I'll pick another at random.

Ok, I promise I'm done spiking this post with exclamation points. And done with my over-abuse of parenthesis too, at least for today.

Here's what you've been waiting for all along -- how to win the fantabulous books! It's easy. (Coz I like easy... Or am easy, some of my best friends would say) (Dang, there went another parenthesis.)

To enter, all you have to do is tell me what kind of princess you'd have been in medieval times! A feisty foot-stomper, or calm and benevolent Disney-style? Or something else I haven't even thought of?

See? So easy. And there's great books just begging you to crack 'em open and read 'em. So comment away!

Oh, and void where prohibited, of course. Due to all those annoying considerations, we can only ship to the US.

Lorelie Brown's first book, JAZZ BABY, is currently available from Samhain Publishing and will be released 4 January in paperback. Her second romance, an 1880s-set western, will be published by Carina Press in Summer 2011.