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Jan: Meet My Protagonist

Jan: New Year Traditions
Feb: Unlikely Romances
Mar: First Ladies
Apr: The Intellectuals
May: My Characters Lived In...
Jun: Slaves & Servants
Jul: Beyond Our Stars
Aug: The Arts
Sep: (open topics)
Oct: Treasure
Nov: Odd Jobs

Jan: (open topics)
Feb: Lovers
Mar: (open topics)
Apr: Mad Monarchs
May: (open topics)
Jun: Weddings In History
Jul: (open topics)
Aug: Great Explorers
Sep: (open topics)
Oct: Myth & Folklore
Nov: The Dead
Dec: (open topics)

Jan: A Day in the Life
Feb: For Love's Sake
Mar: Female Pioneers
Apr: Freedom Fighters
May: Great Buildings
Jun: Happily Ever After (or Not)
Jul: Unusual Journeys
Aug: Everyday Fashions
Sep: Wonders & Marvels
Oct: The Battlefield
Nov: Curses & Cures
Dec: Legendary Heroes

Jan: Myths & Misconceptions
Feb: Scandalous Affairs
Mar: Women in Warfare
Apr: Traitors & Turncoats
May: Medicine & Folklore
Jun: HNS Conference
Jul: Accidental Discoveries
Aug: 5 Fascinating Facts
Sep: End of an Era
Oct: Witchcraft & Sorcery
Nov: Plants & Their Properties
Dec: Children's Stories & Pastimes

Jan: History's Mysteries
Feb: Great Loves
Mar: Women Who Ruled
Apr: Family Feuds
May: Massacres
Jun: Forgotten Cities
Jul: Fashionable People
Aug: Warriors
Sep: Feasts
Oct: Executed
Nov: Medicine
Dec: Winter

Jan: Movie Adaptations
Feb: An Ordinary Day In...
Mar: Crime & Law Enforcement
Apr: Cowards
May: 15 Minutes of Fame
Jun: The Entertainers
Jul: Photo Essays
Aug: The Children Of...
Sep: (open topics)
Oct: Villains
Nov: Money Matters
Dec: Rites of Winter

Jan: Humor
Feb: Love Affairs
Mar: Arts & Music
Apr: News & Media
May: Disasters
Jun: What Suprised Me
Jul: Good Times
Aug: Tragic Tales
Sep: Women Did It Better
Oct: Money Matters
Nov: Real Life Heroes
Dec: Accidents

Jan: Professions
Feb: Humans in Nature
Mar: Food & Drink
Apr: Fashion
May: Literature & Education
Jun: Places You've Never Heard Of
Jul: Greatest Hits
Aug: Men
Sep: Scandals
Oct: Research
Nov: Dynasties
Dec: The Seasons

Jan: Daily Life
Feb: The Love Cycle
Mar: Maladies & Treatments
Apr: Social Movements
May: Families & Children
Jun: Religious Beliefs
Jul: Famous People
Aug: Weapons & Armies
Sep: Women
Oct: Expansion & Invastion
Nov: Taboos
Dec: Sports & Entertainment

Oct: Crime & Punishment
Nov: Standards of Beauty
Dec: Holiday Celebrations