30 November 2006


Are you a fan of historical romances set in unusual times and places? Would you like to be but find such books few and far between? With so much of the genre dominated by Scottish Highland and English Regency settings, many writers and readers are hungry for variety.

Maybe your idea of an exciting locale is Indonesia, Naples, or the Sahara -- only to find that publishers prefer England.

Perhaps you've always craved a romance set during the Roaring '20s or WWII -- only to hit that pesky "1899" cut-off?

Then this multi-contributor blog is the place for you! Join us. Voice your opinions through posts with other like-minded writers and readers.

This website can become the touchstone for a community of authors and fans who share a common interest in the exotic. We can exchange news, encouragement, publication info, promotional opportunities, and reviews -- reaping the rewards of a one-stop shop for thrilling, unusual historical romances.

I would like to assemble a group of 8-12 authors -- published or unpublished -- to post as often as inspiration, deadlines and families warrant, perhaps every other week. The sky's the limit with regard to topics and your historical interests.

If you are an author, we're interested in hearing about your experiences. Please feel free to comment, or e-mail Carrie at contact@carrielofty.com to join as a contributor! If you are a fan of historical romances, we'd love to hear more about what you want to read!

All my best,
Carrie Lofty

Founder, The Unusual Historicals Group