07 December 2006

Ancient Rome

I was looking through the History Channel's website for the schedule of a show, and found this on Ancient Rome. Michelle Styles probably knows all this and much more, but I thought I'd share anyway. It's a short movie on Rome, this page has two, law enforcement and security.

CRIMINAL HISTORY: Ancient Rome - Law Enforcement


Michelle Styles said...

I probably have seen it.

One of the wonderful things about being in the UK is that the BBC do a very good line in documentaries or even docudrams about the period.
They just finished a series that dramatised certain events from the period. They were not shown in chronological order, but were very well done. My two favourites were the one on the Gracchi and the one about Constantine.
It is lovely there is getting to be heightened awareness of the period...

Jacquie said...

I saw the ads for this program and I must see it!