26 December 2006

Getting Back To It

In about a week, I have to start writing in earnest again. I need to commit myself to writing six projects in 07, one of which is already contracted, and a second for which my publisher has requested a full manuscript "on proposal." The proposal was "write another medieval". Door's pretty wide open as to what the book will be about.

Here's my problem. (I can't spell conundrum? and I'm too wiped from the holidays to reach for the dictionary LOL) I am notoriously lazy. I procrastinate. I live in some other realm where books write themselves.

Then, I come upon my deadline and I scramble. I ignore my family (shame on me) and they consistently interrupt (shame on them) adding to the stress levels that have stolen my health. No, not stolen. Borrowed.

I've decided that I will no longer sell books on proposal or partial. I will present my books to my editor in their completed form. I will write a book in no longer than eight weeks. I will work a regular schedule complete with alloted time for blogging (I'm terrible at it), research (I don't like it and don't do enough), emailing (a necessary evil), and actual WRITING.

To steal a famous quote, I have a dream. My dream includes several milstones, the first of which I reached in 2003 when I sold The Jewel and the Sword to Medallion Press. The next is to make enough money writing to retire my husband who has worked far to hard for far too long. Finally, I'd love to see my name, one of my books, on the NYT Bestseller list. I have a row to hoe, lemme tell ya.

The only way to reach these goals is to work at it, every day, as though I were as hungry now as I was before I sold that first manuscript.

I suppose this has turned into the obligatory "What are your New Year's Resolutions?" posts. Those are my resolutions. To get back to it with a vengeance and a purpose.

What's yours? Writing or non-writing related, what's something that YOU want to change for next year?