03 December 2006

Travel the world without ever leaving your chair

That's my catch phrase, why?? When you've written from Ancient Egypt to the modern day I felt like i was traveling. I started writing short stories when i was putting too much in a novel and wanted to get it out of my system. I'm not even sure of how many i have at the moment i've lost track. Now i've literally wrote stories just becuase I'm looking at that list of mine and went you know what I'm missing a war in there. It was WW2. I seem to write them for time periods that you can't just absorb from dozens of others like it, not to say i haven't, i have my english regency, I have my highlanders, but i also have the byzantine empire and when was the last time you ran across one of those, all because i saw a show on PBS. I was in the Peace Corps in Kenya and I wrote one about the colonial era there, Malta in the 1950's because i spent a week there with friends. I'll see a dress in a book and have to make a story to fit that, just so happens its the middle of nowhere, no problem. It can cause problems though I heard of a place called Wineta, and i thought cool, not so much, it seems to have been wiped off the face of the earth 1000 years ago and is only mentioned in a few texts as little more than a name. I had to give up because there is nothing to find to give even the vaguest sense of what life was like, I'm not a big fantasy sci-fi person either.

Cuba in the 1930's is probably my most recent unsual one, turn of the century Japan,WW1 Turkey, The Spanish Inquisition. Even if the time is normal i'll go stick it in the oddest places, Argentina, China, Majorca, Portugal. So that is how my mind works, where would i like to visit and most likely I'll stick a story there.

Jennifer Mueller


Jacquie said...

You've got me beat Jennifer! I've only written in eleven different periods. I'll cry "uncle"!

jennifer said...

remember how it said I'd lost track well your post made me go count and its 51, a couple are sequels so it might take it down to 46 or so. i admit i write a lot of short stuff in between the bigger stuff so its not all 300 page novels. god did i really write that much?????