04 December 2006

Yay! Ancient Rome!

Here's a link to a great review about a book set in ancient Rome. Yay!

UPDATE: I contacted Michelle, author of the aforementioned Gladiator's Honor, and she has signed on with us. Nifty! She has an awe-inspiring FIVE more books coming out with Harlequin next year -- three Roman, one Viking, and a Victorian Christmas tale about a self-made man in the industrial North. You gotta have that something unusual, especially with an English setting! Welcome, Michelle.


Anonymous said...

Wow, five books, that's cool. I'd be interested in how log the wait was to hear whether they accepted the book or not. I've heard they can take around 2 years.

Kim Iverson Headlee said...

The wait to hear about acceptance depends upon whether or not you are represented by a literary agent. In many cases, especially with the Harlequin "category" romances, representation is not required, but it's usually helpful. If you have an agent you can (but not always) hear back in a matter of days. But be prepared to have a thick skin - agents typically send out your manuscript or proposal to many, MANY publishers at once, a technique independent authors are usually not permitted. That being said, editors can still take their sweet time even if you do have literary representation. I've had it happen both ways.

If you are independently submitting manuscripts, I recommend the following technique: In the cover letter (ALWAYS have a cover letter that pitches your manuscript in a couple of paragraphs, and include why YOU are uniquely suited to write about the topic, if at all possible), mention a reasonable timetable -- 6 months, or 4, or whatever jives with your patience level, but no less than 3 months -- wherein at the end of said time period you will send the manuscript elsewhere. If you include a statement to this effect, it saves the editor from having to take time to write a rejection.

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