10 January 2007

New Blogger Saying Hello.

I'm very happy to be here at Unusual Historicals, thank you to my fellow bloggers for allowing me to participate in your wonderful band of authors.

Who is this woman, I hear you ask?

My name is Anne Whitfield, an Australian author of historical novels, the odd contemporary novel and short stories. I'm married to Mark and we have three lovely children, Jack, Joshua and Eleanor. Oh, and our dog, Angus, who sits under my desk as I work.

I mainly write historicals set in the Victorian era of Yorkshire, England or Australia. My historical novels are mainstream with romantic elements. I tend to have a working class element to my novels, (no Lords or Earls sorry) as I draw from my own ancestors, who were working class Yorkshiremen and women. (I'll post more about that another time). A lot of my novels, I'm finding, have a similar theme - - the heroine comes from a good family and is brought low by circumstances and she must forge ahead through difficult times to find happiness.

Apart from my Yorkshire set novels, I have two novels written in the Victorian era of Australia, which is a time that fascinates me. (again I'll post more about that another time :o)

So, that is a little about me. You can find more information about me and my books at my website, if you're interested.

I look forward to posting about so many things and reading fellow bloggers' posts and comments too.

Take care and farewell from sunny Australia.