21 February 2007

Helau! Carnival in Germany (2)

Here are a few more pics of this year's Rose Monday parade in Mainz. Enjoy!

Ranzengarde with horsies

Ranzengarde from above

state theatre with VIP audience

even more of the Ranzengarde: the musicians

the provisions of the Ranzengarde

Mainzer "Schwellköpp" (swollen heads)

the wagon of the cooks of Mainz

Mr. Gutenberg, too, likes to celebrate carnvial :)


Farrah Rochon said...

How interesting! This looks very similar to what we have here in New Orleans. I blogged about my Fat Tuesday experience yesterday.

Bonnie Vanak said...

Wow Sandra, this is fascinating! I didn't realize Germany was so much into Carnivale.

Camilla said...

How gorgeous! I've always wanted to attend a Carnival!

Jen said...

Looks like a great time to visit Germany! I hope to get there one day!

Sandy Schwab said...

I'm glad you've enjoyed the pictures! :)

Farrah, I had a look at the pics on your blog -- yup, looks very similar indeed. :)

Bonnie, Rose Monday is a bank holiday in Mainz. You wouldn't manage to get into the city by car that day. Walking through the city is difficult enough! *lol* There are other places, though, where carnival isn't such a big thing.

This is definitely an interesting time to visit Germany, especially if you visit one of those strongholds of carnival.