03 February 2007


I just realized you are the author of DAWNFLIGHT. I love Arthurian stories. I was the one who reviewed your book either for RT or an online review site. I don't remember which; however, I do remember I loved your book. I still have the disk with your book on it. I'm glad to know I can buy a paper copy.

I have a question for you. Would you send me an e-mail at DeborahBrent@comcast.ne?

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Kim Iverson Headlee said...

WOW, and that review was written 7+ years ago . . . in the online "Word Museum" site, which I believe is now defunct.

Please permit me to gush right back, for everyone else's benefit. An excerpt of Deborah's review of DAWNFLIGHT reads, "In the tradition of Mary Stewart, Kim Headlee ... captures the uncertainty of life in early Britain, and blends the cultures, their differences and their hatreds into a wonderfully fast paced story.... If you love stories of Arthur you will be entranced by this one."

Mary Stewart is one of my all-time writing heroes, and Deborah's placing me in with such distinguished company was -- heck, still is! -- a tremendous honor for me.

Thank you, Deborah! :)