02 March 2007

Friday Discussion Question

Brain storming. Research. Plotting. Writing. More writing. Editing. Shopping. Publicity. Reviews.

From the initial twang of your muse to the final sell-through, what part of the writing process do you find most frustrating or challenging?


Michelle Styles said...

The most challenging for me is the actual writing. Wirting , writing and more writing. Once I have a page,I can work work with it, but I can't fix a blank page.

Sometimes writing can be a long hard slog. It is in the revising that one can put the magic in.

Zoe Archer said...

Plotting. Definitely plotting. I really enjoy the writing itself, and rewriting, while sometimes annoying, is fine. But coming up with the "And then..." for the plot is usually where I like to smash my head against my monitor. When it's time to brainstorm, I take hikes in the local canyons with my husband and just hash it out. Then I go home and he makes me write down what we discussed so I don't forget it.

If some magical plot fairy arrived at my doorstep with the outlines for all my books already completed, I would be a happy authoress, indeed.

Sandra Schwab said...


They make me go into full panic mode.

Oh, have I already mentione that I've got a deadline at the end of this month?

Eliza said...

Or J) All of the above.

At different stages (I've only gotten so far as shopping) everything can be extremely difficult at times. And then sometimes it can be extremely easy. It's all as bipolar as me, I guess.

The part that always slows me down is how to tie the events together nicely -- the plotting.

I find that I cycle around the creation process a few times before I'm happy with what I've got.

DeborahBrent said...

Conflict. It is my major stumbling block. I just don't like creating conflict in life or in my stories. I tend to over simplify or over complicate.

carrie_lofty said...

I totally agree with Michelle. While I appreciate the freedom of writing -- the 'open road' feel of just running with a sentence and an idea -- it feels like grunt work. Every day. I already know the story in my head, for the most part, but getting it on paper sucks. I tend to be a word perfectioniast and like things to sound 'just so,' which is obviously unrealistic for a first draft. First drafts are embarassing. I much prefer getting to that point after edits when I can read it aloud and smile at what I've accomplished.

But then again, I'm writing at the moment. When I'm editing, I moan about that too :)

Tess said...

Plotting. I'm a plotter and need to have things working pretty well before I write. My characters have this habit of holding back important info from me until after I've come up with the plot. Then things need reworking. If I don't know where I'm going, it drives me nuts.

OTOH, eventually I just write and accept that things will change - but having the road map to start with is always necessary.