28 March 2007

PASIC Con and Book List

Anybody else going to Manhattan this weekend for the PASIC (Published Authors' Special-Interest Chapter of RWA) conference? I leave tomorrow (Thursday 3/29) and plan to return Sunday. Since my agent has moved to San Diego and I don't have a NY editor, currently, the highlight is going to be more geared toward showing my daughter Manhattan for the first time. Another writer-friend, not involved in RWA, is coming too, so she'll be able to escort my daughter while I attend con functions. We also have tickets to attend "Curtains," a brand-new Broadway murder-mystery-musical-comedy that sounds like a lot of fun. Since there's three of us, and the con hotel is notorious for its small rooms, we decided to book at another hotel nearby, but if anyone on this list is going to the con and would like to meet, please drop me a line at kimheadlee(at)earthlink.net. I plan to check my email before I leave for the airport tomorrow morning.

Also, anyone with updated book release info, including ebooks, who would like their information included on the Book List, please send the details to me at the Earthlink email address. If you have any questions about the type of info I am looking for, download the current list by clicking on the "Books By Our Authors" link either here or in the blog's header. It's in Excel, with separate worksheets for "Current", "Ebooks", "Future", and "Archive" lists. All but the "Ebooks" worksheet refer to print books. And you need not have a firm release date to be included on the "Future" list, so for those of you with new, signed contracts in hand -- congratulations, and email away! I will compile everyone's input and upload the new file after I return from NYC.