05 April 2007

Better late than...

...well, refer to the picture in "Back to the Real World" (I love a cat I can relate to!) and the comment I posted there as to where I was and why I'm late with uploading the latest Unusual Historicals book list! And actually, that's not the entire story. While my daughter & I were living it up in NYC, two of our goats decided to give birth (I had predicted that one would have her babies while we were away -- she ended up with triplets, two of which have survived -- but the other goat surprised me because she barely looked pregnant). So most of the post-con week for me has involved keeping an eye on the new babies -- four including the one born before the con -- and keeping the billy in his pen so the nannies won't conceive again! No easy task, that. He has made a full-time career of trying to sneak, wriggle, chew, head-butt and/or kick his way out.

Anyway, the new book list Excel spreadsheet has been uploaded here (or click on the "Books By Our Authors" link in the blog's header). The only person to email me any additions for this upload was Sandra Schwab to announce her May 1 Love Spell release, Castle of the Wolf. (To find it in the spreadsheet, since it's not yet May 1, click on the "Future" tab near the bottom of the Excel window.) Congratulations, Sandra, and best of luck with it!

As a reminder, anyone can send me info on new books and updates to previously reported titles at any time. I recommend you either check the list for the fields I include, or email me (kimheadlee"at"earthlink.net) for details.