13 April 2007

Missing in Action and Home Again

I have been lost in the world of reality and work (blech), secreted away behind a broken computer and deadlines. But, I'm back.

Earlier this year, right around New Years when everyone in the world turns over that new leaf, I promised myself I'd be more organized. I'd work eight hours each day, either writing, designing websites for myself and my clients, or researching, or editing, or something. I'd be productive. Hands up for everyone in the same position as me... complete and utter failure!

Okay, that might be a bit extreme. I'm not a failure. I have managed to get a few things done. But I find my days filled with the errands of motherhood and wifery. Go the grocery store, the animal feed store, the doctor's office. Pick up this. Deliver that. ugh. When am I supposed to write? Not to mention, for the past three or four years, I've limited my TV viewing to Thursday nights. Survivor and CSI were my guilty pleasures. I've added Shark to that list since it's on Thursday nights anyway. For the past few months *gasp* I'm watching TV EVERY night. I must turn it off. I must write. I must get my work done.

I don't have writer's block, per se. I mean, if I wanted to sit down, glue my fingers to the keyboard and write a murder mystery or a horror novel I probably could. Kill everyone! Bury the bodies in a reeeealy deep hole somewhere. No problem. It's the love forever and happily-ever-after I'm having problems with.

I need some inspiration, some juicy tidbits of romance and true love to turn on the ol' engine again. So, I'm picking up my favorite old romance novels, the one's that made me want to write romance to begin with, and I'm devouring them starting tonight. Well, after I finish the edits on The Flyer, which were due back on my editor's desk last week, but the screen on my computer cracked and I just finally had it replaced this morning. Whole nother story there.

I'm going to read and I'm not going to watch television. At all. In the meantime, what is your inspiration? What keeps you writing, keeps you reading romance, every day?

On a final note... today is my birthday. I am celebrating the 17th anniversary of my 21st birthday with a hot bath, and a good book. They say that 40 is the new 25. If that's the case, I'm barely old enough to drink *grin*

Hugs to all!