14 May 2007

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I'm so sorry I missed my day to post, so here a blog by to let you all know that I'm technically still alive. I just buried under a mountain of edits.

We (my business partner and I) were also victims of credit card fraud, embezzlement, internet fraud and out-and-out grand larceny while we were living it up at RT last month, so the policemen (don't you love a man in uniform) and I have become fast friends.

Our illustrious leader, Carrie, was kind enough to email me a reminder before my day, but since I haven't even opened my computer since the 10th, I missed it. This would have been a good thing, since I thought TODAY was the 13th and I planned on writing something this afternoon... on guess what? Yep. Credit Card fraud. *sigh*

So I shall finish my edits and endeavor to come out of hiding in the next week or so. Thanks everyone! Oh, and Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there.



Michelle Styles said...

Oh hugs. I hope they catch and throw the book at the fraudsters.

Camilla said...

That's terrible! I hope everything turns out better than you expect it to.