14 May 2007

Blog by

I'm so sorry I missed my day to post, so here a blog by to let you all know that I'm technically still alive. I just buried under a mountain of edits.

We (my business partner and I) were also victims of credit card fraud, embezzlement, internet fraud and out-and-out grand larceny while we were living it up at RT last month, so the policemen (don't you love a man in uniform) and I have become fast friends.

Our illustrious leader, Carrie, was kind enough to email me a reminder before my day, but since I haven't even opened my computer since the 10th, I missed it. This would have been a good thing, since I thought TODAY was the 13th and I planned on writing something this afternoon... on guess what? Yep. Credit Card fraud. *sigh*

So I shall finish my edits and endeavor to come out of hiding in the next week or so. Thanks everyone! Oh, and Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there.