23 May 2007

London Calling?

This is a special week for me. My second book of my Warring Hearts series was released on May 11, Fragments of Light. It was released one year after Cradle the Light, my first book. Warring Hearts takes place during World War II, and the first book is set in London during the Blitz.

So, I’m going to write about London. If everything goes well, and my plane is on time and there are no delays, I’m in London right now, looking out of the window of my nephew’s flat, relishing in the sights and smells of this wonderful city.

This is my third trip but I never get tired of this vibrant ever-changing city. There are places I visit over and over again.

The National Gallery is one of these places. I love to view the mosaic floor which is mentioned in my book Cradle the Light. A very unusual mosaic.

What makes these mosaic difference is they look like old 'masters' but when you pay attention to the composition, you realize they aren't what they seem. Created in the 1930's by a Russian artist -– Boris Anrep -- "The Awakening of the Muses" is a modern version of the muses depicted in everyday life. The muses are portraits of real people -– Greta Garbo and the artist's Bloomsbury friends, including Virginia Woolfe as Clio, the Muse of History!

Another museum worth numerous visits is the Victoria and Albert Museum. It has a fantastic dress collection. Also, there is a sensational glass gallery with a phenomenal glass staircase.

If you are researching World War II and the Blitz, these are must-sees:

The Imperial War Museum. I was able to go into a shelter and experience the sights and sounds of a bombing during the Blitz.

The Cabinet War Rooms and Churchill Musuem...enough said. You can't mention World War II without mentioning Churchill.

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I will leave you with my book teaser of Fragments of Light: