17 June 2007

New book list

In late May, after a couple of blog members sent me updates for the Book List, I dutifully incorporated the information...then forgot to upload it. The "new" list is available now, by clicking HERE or by clicking on the "Books By Our Authors" link on the blog's main page.

As always, I invite the blog's regular contributors to send me info on their print and ebook works, including books which haven't been published yet but are officially contracted, and books wherein some of the information has changed since last being reported (a change of publication date, for example). Specific information includes:
  • Author (preferably in the format of "Last Name, First Name"
  • Book title
  • ISBN (or "TBA" if not yet established)
  • Format (Mass Mkt, Trade, Hardcover, or Ebook)
  • On Sale Date (if known)
  • Publisher
  • Category (see current list for examples)
  • Country (default is US)
Kim (who will try to remember to upload your changes, but cannot give guarantees! :)