01 June 2007

Niggling Ideas

I am working hard to finish up my WIP in preparation for nationals, plus we move in a week, so I must make this brief!

Yesterday, over at my blog, I posted thirteen place/time settings for novels that I'd eventually like to write. Some of them are merely exotic locales about which I'd enjoy learning more. For others, I have actual plot ideas. But they all call to me at varying moments of WIP weakness.

Your turn: as writers, what three place/time settings do you toy with pursuing? As readers, what three place/time settings you would love to find on a bookshelf? They don't have to be MS secrets you are loathe to divulge, just ideas that niggle at the back of your brain. I'm just curious how far your imaginations stretch!


Sandra Schwab said...

Good idea and great settings, Carrie!

Here are three I'd like to write (or, in two cases, revise) at some point in the future:

Paris, 1860s: problem is I'd have to do too much research for that one and at the moment I simply don't have time for extensive research -- PhD thesis is calling -- but, just to be on the safe side, I ordered a 19th century guidebook of Paris today

Scotland, today: the very first novel I wrote in English; I'm thinking about revising it and making it for publication

Colgan, not our time: a fantasy novel I wrote exactly 10 years ago. I'd like to translate and revise it and make it fit for publication as well.

Bonnie Vanak said...

I like your settings and times, Carrie.

I can only think of one time period calling to me other than my Egyptian books. World War II. I adore WWII stories (read Morag's they're wonderful!) and maybe someday I could write one. One of my uncles was shot down in his plane, wounded, and crash landed in England; received a Purple Heart. He sat down with me last year and told me the whole history of being a pilot during WWII. I'd love to weave that into a romance, somehow.

Some day, maybe!

Morag McKendrick Pippin said...

Thank you, Bonnie! My Uncle was a WWII pilot, too. He was in the RAF. We're planning a trip to Scotland in November, so if his health permits I'll be sitting at his knee listening to war stories just as I did with my dad. At least one of my dad's stories is included in every book

Settings I'd like to write:
WWI France
Roaring '20s in the U.S.
Early '60s
Late '60s in the U.S.
Post war South America

Camilla said...

Present day Middle East: a techno-legal CIA thriller. The trouble is that I have no clue about any of that stuff!

1660s France & Restoration England The court of the Sun King and Charles II, witchcraft, seduction and intrigues.

Crusade Era Europe and Middle East (1100s): I have a thing for Eleanor of Aquitaine, the Crusades, pilgrimages and fierce warrior women who meet their match in a knight in shining armor.

And GEEZ Carrie, this got my juices flowing and my Muse is knocking my head to write this stuff down!!

Michelle Styles said...

Three settings?

It will all probably change after I have my annual Lunch with my Editor on Tuesday but here goes

1.Byzantium with Vikings
2. Malta just after the Napoleonic War
3. Greece in the Roman period
4 California Gold Rush

I might get the first three settings past my editors, but not the third as I am not a Western writer.

Right current deadline is calling and I still have a lot of writing to do before 18 June.

Sandra Schwab said...

1.Byzantium with Vikings

Michelle, do you know Rosemary Sutcliff's BLOOD FEUD? It's a children's novel, but still it's one of my all-time favourite novels. And the end always, always makes me cry.

jennifer said...

I have a page on a spreadsheet i use to keep track of these things so here's the list i have right now. I have to get through Cuba, and ceylon, and scotland, and alaska before i'm ready to head to my list again though.

Naniboujou, north shore 1929
Russia 1830's ?
Mexico ???
Burma/Sumatra/Java 1700's ???
Tarpon Springs, FL 1907-1930's
Sicily 1100's
Key West
Croatia, split, trogir, hvar diocletian?? 295 or venetian age when it was at its height??

I just keep looking through everyone else's list seeing things I'd like to do to, what I've aleady done.

carrie_lofty said...

Ok, Jennifer, you're going to have to tell us where Naniboujou is. Couldn't find it on Wikipedia. I assumed Africa to start, but now my search looks like... Minnesota? Details!

PennyAsh said...

For me it's;
1. Minoan Crete
2. Renaissance Venice
3. Templar Middle East
4. Bronze age Celts
5. Neolithic Malta
6. Neolithic Europe
7. 5th Dyanasty China
8. Feudal Japan
9. Czarist Russia
10.Modern Middle East

jennifer said...

it's this hotel on the north shore of lake superior that was built as a sportman's club in 1928, babe ruth and several other famous people were members, they got one building of the facility built before the depression hit and that one has been a small hotel since. It has this huge dining room painted in cree indian designs. I wan to stay there sometime, but my husband always wants to go camping after they close for the winter. the rooms are really reasonable for the area too like 70-100 or so and on the north shore 100 gets you a duded up motel 6 room. I know the first unusual historical conference can be held there. LOL

Tess said...

My top three are:

early 19th century Kingston, Ontario - my dh and I met and married there and it's full of history

early 17th century England - the reign of James I is ripe with possibilities for love and conflict

turn of the 20th century Ottawa, Ontario - my home town. Like Kingston, Ottawa is rich in history and there's been lots written and recorded, especially in the Ottawa archives. Of course now I'm on the West Coast, it would mean travelling back east to do research, but I doubt I'd hear my mum complain about that *g*.

Karen Mercury said...

Hey Carrie,
I just did 19thC Abyssinia in my book that came out September 2006. I wrote about Emperor Tewodros' rise and fall (but mostly his fall) and had just turned in the final when I realized that George Macdonald Fraser's book on the same events was scheduled for release the same month. Is this good or bad? Still not sure...

Of course, his version of events was completely different--humorously Flashman.

I think I could pretty much stick with colonial Africa for another couple decades, but aside from that I've always been fascinated with Russia. Too bad I know almost nothing about it. :) I'd have to research for a whole year just to write the proposal!

Karen Mercury said...

Jennifer said:
Tarpon Springs, FL

Hey Jennifer! Why Tarpon Springs? The first and only thing that comes to my mind is, there must be some world-class loony bin--err, I mean spa--there. In the 70s we had this friend who unfortunately purchased the farm. He used to commute between Central Park West, Gstaad, and eventually Tarpon Springs, where he wrote my sister a letter demanding his penny back.

I wonder whatever happened to him, after he stopped stalking my sister?

jennifer said...

actually just the huge sponge industry there, lots of greek influence, i saw something on the sponge industry there and it struck a niggling idea thing.

Liz Clare said...

I'm fixated on America, early 19th century, right now, but I have one great idea for a college football novel set in 1945, the first season after the war ended. It was a magical era in which people were ready to have fun for the first time in years.

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