25 July 2007

Where Did the Month Go?

Okay, how did it get to be the 25th again so soon without me realizing it? And for most of you, the 25th of July is pretty much over already. My only excuse is that it's only a little after 3pm here, so I'm not really, really, totally late in posting this in my time zone. I'm only a little bit late. (that's my story and I'm sticking to it! ;) )

But, I guess this will lead into my topic choice of the month, finding time for it all. I need quiet and peaceful surroundings when I write for the most part. Though last week I managed to pound out 2K while sitting on the beach about 10 feet away from a volley ball game. With summer vacation in full swing this month, peace and quiet is in short supply around my house. It's during this time I look in awe at those of you who are pulling 40 hour weeks at an outside job, raising a family and still manage to churn out page after page. The only way I can make myself feel better is to tell myself we've all got different writing styles and procedures which makes some people better able to write a coherent sentence at 11:30 pm while others can sit at a table at Starbucks and produce wonderful prose. I can do neither, though if you put me in an empty room with a laptop and no distractions (spider solitaire anyone?) I'm a regular Nora Roberts - in volume, not quality.

My life is settling in soon. My husband has finally hired a competent secretary, so I no longer have to fill in at his office. August 2nd school starts (thank heavens for year-round school) and my angels will be out of my hair for a blessed 8 hours a day. Will I be able to sit down and write after a summer long hiatus? I sure hope so!