17 September 2007


Thank you so much to Carrie for inviting me to join the contributors. I know a few names here, and I'm really happy to be here, looking forward to getting to know you all better. I've only been reading the posts for a few weeks but am already very impressed and not a little intimidated at the depth of knowledge shown in the blog.

I write under the pen-name of Erastes and specialise in gay historical fiction. I do write gay short stories as well, for various publishers, but not all of those are historical.

My first novel, STANDISH, is based in the post-Napoleonic War era and although it's a romance, it deals squarely with the issues facing men who loved men at that time - namely imprisonment and the threat of death. A large portion of the book is set in Newgate.

My second novel is waiting on my publisher's decision and is set around the English Civil War and uses Matthew Hopkins, Witchfinder General as a side character, and my current WIP is not strictly historical being set in the 1960's, but I've found the research to be as hard to do for that period as for any other period I've written in.

I'm the founder of "Speak Its Name" the only spot on the web to deal solely with reviewing gay historical fiction and text books. I live in Norfolk, UK in the middle of no-where and would represent England for procrastination in the next Olympics were it not likely I would get sidetracked and do something else.