27 September 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Plastic Bags

Thursday Thirteen
Thirteen uses for plastic shopping bags. Wow! Absolutely nothing to do with history...except that plastic bags will be here when the rest of us are ancient history, so try to make the most of them.

1. For cleaning out the cat litter box.
2. Packing material, in lieu of the foam peanut.
3. Carrying wet swimsuits or towels home from the gym.
4. Protect casts from getting wet in the shower.
5. Bread bags for homemade bread.
6. Emergency rain hat.
7. Wrap windshield wipers and mirrors in winter to keep them from icing over.
8. Trash bin liner.
9. Homemade decorative or pet pillow stuffing.
10. Crumple and stuff them in the bottom of large plant pots to fill space without the weight of extra soil.
11. For storing wet brushes if you're painting and need to stop.
12. Taking your lunch to work.
13. Recycle them at a library or food pantry where they always need free take-away bags.

Let's see how many we can come up with as a group. Your suggestions?