05 October 2007

Weekly Announcements

Happy Friday, and have a good weekend! If you have an announcement to make for next week, email Carrie!


Jean Adams wrote: "I'm probably the last writer on earth to learn about this, but I've been taking part in a writing challenge with one of my chapters. You write 300 words a day then forget it. Three hundred words is no hardship, you can do it while you're editing something else. At the end of two months I'll have a very nice sized first draft already written to play around with. I've been doing two, typical Gemini, one of my Egyptian trilogy which now has more than 8000 words and a short story set in Roman Britain."


Anne Whitfield wrote: "I got a recommended read for Gossamer Wings!"

Gossamer Wings is an awesome read. Anne Whitfield weaves a world that is so true to life I could hear the rumble of the carriage wheels. Grace's unhappiness, her sense of responsibility and her determination to make the best of every situation thrown before her make for a truly admirable heroine. She is resoundingly realistic, as are her sisters and, unfortunately, her father. The story is told well and pulls the reader into the thick of things from the very first page. The secondary characters showcase the fact that families can be both good and bad, even behind the most highly polished doors. Gossamer Wings proves that one can never tell from the sidewalk what goes on inside someone else's house!

Full review by Marlene of FallenAngels Reviews
Gossamer Wings is available from The Book Depository (free delivery worldwide).


Bonnie Vanak wrote: "My next Egyptian historical, The Scorpion & the Seducer, will be a May 2008 release from Dorchester.

Jasmine Tristan was no stranger to the upper crust of English society. And yet, though adopted by a viscount, she was called the "Brown Scorpion" and knew the cruel sting of isolation. When her anger won out, her mother voiced fears. Was Jasmine truly bad at her core, like her sultan father from whom they'd fled? How could she be, when with Lord Thomas Claradon she’d known a moment of pure beauty?

Their kiss had been scorching as a desert sun. But like a sandstorm, it was misdirecting: Thomas' mother's disdain and his loyalty to family and duty put him forever out of reach. Only a return to her birthplace, a quest to find her roots, would bring Jasmine the answer--and it would prove that true love could triumph over ignorance, passion over prejudice.
Bonnie's first foray into paranormal is a werewolf tale titled The Empath, a Silhouette Nocturne to be released in December. An excerpt is available on her website.


Carrie Lofty sold has to Kensington!

Redeeming Will Scarlet will be a Zebra Debut release, likely in September 2008. New York Times bestselling author Susan Wiggs was kind enough to read and blurb the book: "Readers will delight in this inventive foray into a legendary place, with characters both familiar and original. Carrie Lofty depicts Will Scarlet as a passionate adventurer, redeemed by the love of a good woman."

Here are a few links: the book trailer and chapter one. Carrie will be busy busy writing the sequel that follows the heroine's sister to medieval Castile. Rock on, unusual historicals!


Michelle Styles' Taken by the Viking is on sale today in the UK. (US release date TBD.) You can read an excerpt here and you can buy it here. Michelle will be doing a book release party later this month. Stay tuned for details.


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