08 November 2007

Thursday Thirteen: It was Hot Stuff for Them

By Anna C. Bowling

It's a good thing beauty is subjective. What makes one person look twice might make another giggle or even look the other way. When looking over the vast expanse of time from the first caveperson who etched a picture of their significant other on a wall to the present day, there have been fashion, hair and cosmetic choices that can serve as attractors or exactly the opposite, depending on where and when they are viewed. Some things are timeless, and others make us wonder how there came to be a next generation if this is what eligible mates wore. How would your hero or heroine react to any of the below on their beloved?

1. Muttonchop whiskers
2. Handlebar Mustache
3. Periwig
4. Tricorne hat
5. Hennin headdress
6. Cap with lappets
7. 1970s Leisure Suit
8. Zoot Suit
9. 1960s bouffant hair
10. Fichu
11. Bloomers (of the undergarment variety)
12. Mobcap
13. Really, really, really big hair

What's your favorite fashion horror flashback?