21 February 2008

Thursday Thirteen:
Historical Lovers from the Movies

By Marianne LaCroix

I don't know about some of you, but for me, a romance is crucial in a story, whether it is in a book or in a movie. When I write, I have an image of my hero in my head. Who influences our heroes? SOme of the most romantic, passion starved men we see in the movies. How many times have we screamed at the screem, "Just kiss her!" Okay, lots I bet. I'm not the only one! So, in celebration of love and its expressions, I am listing 13 male movie characters who influence our heroes, especially when they gaze upon their heroines with the "Look of Love".

Thirteen "Hot Men in Love" in historical movies:

1. Mr. Darcy

2. Will Turner

3. Robin Hood

4. William Wallace

5. Hawkeye

6. King Leonidas

7. Achilles

8. Prince Hector

9. Rodrigo "El Cid" Diaz
Oh come on, I had to put one Charleton Heston in there!

10. Robert Dudley

11. Sir Walter Raleigh

12. King of Siam

13. Rhett Butler
Of course!

Marianne LaCroix
Pirate's Mistress, Ellora's Cave (Coming to paperback Feb 2008)