14 August 2008

Weapons and Armies: 13 Weapons that Won the West

By Jacquie Rogers

Not all weapons that won the Old West for the East Coast immigrants were firearms. Technology won the west. And yes, firearms were an important part of it. Here are thirteen technological weapons without which settling the West would have been much more difficult.

1. Communications (Pony Express, then the telegraph)
2. Barbed wire
3. Stagecoach and freight system
4. The Homestead Act
5. Transcontinental Railroad
6. Square-set timbering (deep mine structure)
7. Colt Peacemaker
8. Henry Repeating Rifle
9. Deringer Handgun
10. Gatling Gun
11. Sharps Rifles (buffalo guns, 50-90 calibre)
12. Model 1873 Winchester Rifle

And the ultimate weapon the won the west:
13. Harvey Girls

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