11 September 2008

Women: The Historical Romance Heroine

By Anna C. Bowling

1. Ringside seats at historical events.
2. Comes with great wardrobe.
3. Endless career opportunities, from scullery maid to queen. Possibly both in same lifetime.
4. If in a series, potential for second career as wise matriarch to sisters, daughters and granddaughters to come.
5. If in a standalone, knowledge that you truly are the most amazing woman in the entire world.
6. Resourcefulness--whether finding creative solutions to relatives' debts, defending a castle or thwarting enemy spies, you'll carry it off with aplomb.
7. Potential for being oneself carried off with aplomb by alpha hero.
8. Potential for carrying off alpha hero.
9. Better than average health thanks to or in spite of state of the art medical care of your era.
10.Never at a loss for words, since your dialogue is provided by some of the best minds in the business.
11. Resiliency--kidnapped by pirates? Enduring the Depression? Caught in the middle of an uprising? Down with what looks like the Plague? Don't worry; you'll bounce back.
12. A hero worthy of you.
13. Guaranteed happily ever after.