03 January 2009

Weekly Announcements - 3 Jan 09

Carrie Lofty's debut, WHAT A SCOUNDREL WANTS, received a B+ review from All About Romance. Lynn Spencer writes:

While WHAT A SCOUNDREL WANTS is really part-legend and part-historical, the author creates a very convincing England-that-might-have-been. Fans looking for a romance with both a good relationship and a meaty, satisfying story should check this one out. I enjoyed visiting this world, and the emotional payoff at the end was wonderful. There is a sequel that appears to be set in medieval Toledo coming out in 2009. I fully intend to read it.

Jacquie Rogers' DOWN HOME EVER LOVIN' MULE BLUES received a quality review from Susiq2 of SingleTitles. She writes:

I am so thrilled to discover this book, and the author who wrote it. I adore romantic comedy. Rarely do I locate a story with as much humor, joy, and downright lust spread so thickly on the pages that I am surprised that I could turn the pages. DOWN HOME EVER LOVIN' MULE BLUES is a treasure not to be missed. Thank you, Ms. Rogers, for all of the laughter, and joy that you bring to the reader of your fabulous book.
Also, Jacquie was featured on Book Talk, and she posts weekly on craft over at Texty Ladies. This week's topic is "Write What You Mean."


Jennifer Mueller has collected a number of updates over the holiday season, including the first look at the cover of A RUINED SEASON, a Regency release schedule for April from Robert Hale.

Sophie Greenwood went to London to have her season hoping to find a husband. If only they had told her father lost all his money and mother claimed her sum was still intact, but gossip spreads quick all of London already knew Baron Canmore's scandal.

Now two years later, will Sophie ruin another season? No one seems to want to make staying scandal free an easy task. Almost everywhere she turns someone is trying to make her the laughing stock. Only the mysterious Mr. Kittridge not caring that no one should want her acquaintance makes the situation bearable. Fleeing London once more is her only option, but after a second ruined season what hope is there for a life of her own?
In other news, two of Jennifer's books have been nominated for a CAPA at The Romance Studio: ANCIENT WALLS in the Romantic Suspense category, and EGYPTIAN DAYS for a special Psyche award.

Among Jennifer's upcoming releases are SAMBURU HILLS, a re-release of her Kenyan historical, on 1/18, TILL DEATH DO US PART, a re-release of her 1600s-set pirate story, on 1/29, and a modern story set in Ireland on 2/5. HAVANA HOLIDAY and ANCIENT WALLS will also go to print soon. Congrats!


Join us tomorrow when Ryshia Kennie will be here to talk about FROM THE DUST, set in 1935 Saskatchewan.


We'll also draw the winner of Michelle Beattie's WHAT A PIRATE DESIRES. There's still time to leave a comment for your shot at winning!


Have a good weekend and a fantastic new year!

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