31 January 2010

Guest Author: Carla Capshaw

This week on Unusual Historicals, we're welcoming back Carla Capshaw as she celebrates the release of her January Love Inspired Historical romance, THE DUKE'S REDEMPTION. Here's the blurb:

He came to the colonies for one reason: revenge. Drake Amberly, Duke of Hawk Haven, won't leave South Carolina until he's unmasked the colonial spy who killed his brother. Yet the more he sees of spirited Elise Cooper, the more he's moved by the happiness she brings him...never suspecting the dangerous secret she hides.

Her faith drives Elise to spy for the rebels, dreaming only of freedom for her homeland. Then she meets Drake, and learns that love could be hers, as well. When his pursuit of "The Fox" brings him dangerously close to the truth, she'll risk everything to prove that love and forgiveness are all they need.

Hi Carla, it's great to have you back with us at Unusual Historicals. THE DUKE'S REDEMPTION is set in Charleston, SC during the American Revolution. Tell us more about it.

THE DUKE'S REDEMPTION is about Drake Amberly, an upstanding English duke who dearly loves his family. Tragedy has shattered his faith in God and he wants revenge on the rebel spy accused of killing his brother. He disguises himself as a merchant and heads to war-torn Charleston to find the killer. Instead, he meets Elise Cooper a beautiful woman he's instantly drawn to. The trouble is, he falls in love with and marries Elise only to learn she's the spy he's looking for. Torn between his heart and doing what he thinks is right, Drake has to uncover Elise's secrets to learn the whole truth and what true love really is.

THE DUKE'S REDEMPTION includes lots of action, intrigue, love, betrayal, and spiritual conflict--a winning combination for a passionate inspirational historical. How'd you come up with your story line?

I love to read stories with major conflicts. My favorites usually revolve around characters on opposites sides of something, whether it's a war, social situation, political or religious ideal, etc. In THE DUKE'S REDEMPTION, I took all of those elements and thought up characters and a situation that fit one of my favorite time periods, the American Revolution. I came up with a Duke and an American spy who have to overcome all sorts of issues and situations to earn their happy ending!

This book is set in a very different time period from your debut title, THE GLADIATOR. Do you have a favorite historical period, or will you continue to explore a variety of eras in your work?

I love history in general, but I have to say Roman & American Colonial times are my favorites. In both of these settings there is so much going on. They're periods of upheaval and change. They're colorful, dramatic and dangerous. That being said, there are a lot of time periods I find fascinating and I hope I do get to explore other eras in my work.

Can you tell us more about your upcoming titles and current projects?

I just finished THE PROTECTOR, the sequel to my debut novel, THE GLADIATOR. It's the story of Quintus, a Christian man who's been enslaved for his faith and Adiona, a wealthy Roman woman with a questionable reputation. When someone tries to kill Adiona, she needs a bodyguard and Quintus is the perfect man for the job. The Protector will be out in July 2010.

Currently, I'm working on another colonial, this one set in Virgina after the Revolution and a Victorian Christmas novel that is loosely based on Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol.

One last question. THE DUKE'S REDEMPTION is a January release. Since it's almost February, can we still find it in the local bookstore?

Thanks for asking! THE DUKE'S REDEMPTION is only out for a few more weeks depending on when your local store brings in the new books. If you can't find it in your local store or discount outlet, you can still order it on any of the online shops like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.

Thanks for visiting, Carla!


Carla is giving away a print copy to one random person who posts a comment. Since it's difficult sometimes to think of something to comment on, Carla suggests answering the question: What is your favorite name for a romance hero? Check back with us next Sunday when we'll select a winner. Void where prohibited. Best of luck!