12 January 2010

Humor: Knife to a Gun fight?

By Lorelie Brown

Holy crap-a-doodle, am I late or what? But it's still Tuesday, so while Carrie will yell at me, she won't actually beat me up. In my defense, I've been pretty busy the last few days, putting the final touches on a manuscript that has to go out tomorrow. Then I got a super fabulous new idea for my next project. And I got the cover for JAZZ BABY today, which makes me so happy I am silly-goofy with it. My first cover! It should be shareable soon.

Ok, on to my funny-funny which will probably be ridiculously short:

John "Old Smoke" Morrisey was a gangster in late 1800s, but he got his start as a boxer (actually an unsurprising career move for someone who wanted to go into politics in NYC at the time). In addition, he sometimes ran a small gambling outfit, particularly faro.

In 1852, a man named Jim Hughes decided he'd been cheated. In the way of things, he challenged Morrisey to a duel. Morrisey agreed, but requested the right to choose the weapons.

The duel never happened.

Apparently seeing Old Smoke Morrisey arrive with two butcher knives in his hands was a little much for Mr. Hughes. I can't say as I blame him much.