10 December 2010

Anniversary Bash: Day Five!

Is it Friday already? It feels like it's still the beginning of the week. Time flies when you're only doing the fun stuff. *g* But it's great to see all the new commenters we're collecting. We hope you'll stay around a while for our fabulous regular posts.

But in the mean time, on to the freebies!

Yesterday's winner is Libery. Come on down and collect your (freaking awesome) prize. Email either myself (lorelielong at gmail dot com) or Carrie Lofty (contact at carrielofty dot com) within 24 hours.

Today we've got a theme again. What's the only thing better than a historical in an unusual location? Why, an unusual historical with paranormal elements, of course! To round out the week, we have seven books total from three different authors.

Zoe Archer:

The whole Blades of the Rose series -- Warrior; Scoundrel; Rebel; Stranger (all signed! Think her wrist got tired?)

Monica Burns:

Assassin's Honor; Assassin's Heart

Now here's the part I love, telling y'all what to do to win! Answer this: if you were traipsing your way around a historical romance novel and suddenly discovered it was a paranormal too, what would you like to find? Vampires and werewolves or something like magic?

Standard disclaimers: This stack can only be mailed within the US. Void where prohibited. Valid email address must be provided. Don't take any wooden nickles.

And don't forget to come back on Sunday, when we'll be giving away twelve--count 'em, twelve--books.


Lorelie Brown's first book, JAZZ BABY, is currently available from Samhain Publishing and will be released 4 January in paperback. Her second romance, an 1880s-set western, will be published by Carina Press in Summer 2011.