08 December 2010

Anniversary Bash: Day Three!

It's international day here at Unusual Historicals! Yeah, yeah, I know. International locations is sort of the point of this place, isn't it? But today is extra special--it's the day we can get books to our much beloved overseas readers and commenters! We're giving away a total of seven books, but this one's going to be a little different.

There will be two winners!

First, I can't forget yesterday's winner: Ren, come on down! You have one day to email myself (lorelielong at gmail dot com) or Carrie Lofty (contact at carrielofty dot com).

But it's not too late for the rest of y'all. Let's move on to today's pack!

One lucky person will get four e-books. Whether you're a long time digital reader, or you're hoping you've been good enough that Santa will bring you an e-reader, this is one sweet bundle. (I might be a wee bit prejudiced since my debut novel's in this prize pack.) A second lucky winner will get a bundle of books from Michelle Styles, along with an extra little treat -- and she's even willing to ship overseas! Woot!

Prize Pack One (the e-books):

Carrie Lofty:

Song of Seduction

Lorelie Brown:

Jazz Baby
(this one's mine. So of course it's the best in the group. *g*)

Lindsay Townsend:

Flavia’s Secret

Prize Pack Two:

Michelle Styles:

Breaking the Governess's Rules (this one's even a hardback, y'all. Extra fancy. Plus it's not even out 'til January.)
A Question of Impropriety
Impoverished Miss, Convenient Wife
These are all signed plus she's going to throw in a Northumberland tea towel! How cute.

Now, Michelle Style's debut book was Gladiator's Honor, which always puts me in mind of Russell Crowe. And I know Carrie Lofty was thinking of Hugh Jackman a lot when she wrote Song of Seduction. So for today's entries, tell me your favorite leading man. Who do you most often cast in the role of hero as you read? Also tell me if you want to enter for the ebooks or Michelle's or both.

Don't forget--there will be two winners picked from today's entries.

The usual: Void where prohibited. All contests subject to applicable rules and regulations of your local laws.


Lorelie Brown's first book, JAZZ BABY, is currently available from Samhain Publishing and will be released 4 January in paperback. Her second romance, an 1880s-set western, will be published by Carina Press in Summer 2011.