12 December 2010

Anniversary Bash: Finale!

Welcome to the final day of Unusual Historicals' anniversary!

I have to say, this has been one of the best blogging experiences I've had in a long time. The comments all of y'all have provided have often had me rolling with laughter. Definitely the way to start every morning, and even more than that, the best way I can think of to celebrate four years at such an awesome blog. I can't wait to see everyone stick around as we return to normal programming.

Before we get to the really, really good stuff--the extra huge pack of books we have to give away today--I want to take a moment out to thank Carrie Lofty for the work she puts in around here on a regular basis. I've always known she was the one who kept this gig running smoothly, but I never realized until I took over this week exactly what that entailed. A lot. Like, just putting up posts with pictures and silly questions has taken me hours of work. I can't imagine how much time Carrie must put in. Ms. Lofty, I tip my hat to you.

Ok, the books. What have I been holding back for today? Why, really awesome stuff. Twelve books! You read that right, twelve. All stuffed carefully in one box and mailed off to a single lucky winner. Sounds like a wonderful distraction from family and holidays!

Today's winner will get:

Elizabeth Lane:
The Horseman's Bride (signed)

Amanda McIntyre:

The Diary of Cozette; Tortured; The Master & the Muses (all signed)

Hope Tarr:
Vanquished (signed)

Diane Whiteside:
The Devil She Knows (signed and there's a matching keychain)

Lisa Marie Wilkinson:
Fire at Midnight; Stolen Promise (both signed)

Lisa J. Yarde:
On Falcon's Wings

Kate Bridges:
Alaska Bride on the Run; Mail Order Marriages (both signed)

Monica Burns:

Seriously people, how can you top that stack? Y'all are lucky the books are actually at Carrie's house. If I had 'em, they'd probably be pre-read before they got to the winners. (Honestly, I've read most of them already. But that's just because I really do love the special zing I get from reading a great historical set somewhere different.)

We've hopefully introduced you to a lot of new Unusual Historicals authors this week. So for today's Grand Prize, tell me which UH author you're most eager to read. The winner will be drawn at random first thing next Sunday morning, just like our usual Sunday giveaways.

The usuals: Void where prohibited. Prizes can only be mailed to the US and Canada. Don't talk to strangers. (Unless they're really cute and rich.)


Lorelie Brown's first book, JAZZ BABY, is currently available from Samhain Publishing and will be released 4 January in paperback. Her second romance, an 1880s-set western, will be published by Carina Press in Summer 2011