25 February 2013

Meet our Contributors: Ginger Myrick

In the second post of Meet our Contributors, author Ginger Myrick tells us a bit about herself.

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Hello, fellow readers and writers!
I can usually see the bright side of any situation, but this time I am stumped. Try as I might, I cannot find anything interesting in the subject matter (me.) I am utterly normal and probably the least exciting person I know. In fact, one day during my daily constitutional with my faithful dog-walking companion, we were discussing people who make their careers from their creativity and how there seems to be a direct correlation between these tortured souls and the passionate works they create. We were talking about my uneventful childhood, and my friend innocently stated, “Well, you’ll never be a Hemingway!” and she’s right. But the fact is, I’m okay with that.

I never wanted to be a Hemingway, in fact, never aspired to be a writer. I still have trouble with the title and oftentimes feel like a fraud. The only way I can see to maintain the charade is to craft a convincing story, and as I have mentioned before, to do that I must write what I know. I am an unremarkable person, so I write about ordinary characters. My protagonists are not gods and goddesses nor paragons of virtue, and my antagonists are not evil scheming demons without a shred of decency. They are all utterly human with human strengths and failings. I believe this is what makes them real and believable. And to keep my books from becoming too mundane, I can always call on the wealth of lunacy provided by my surroundings to inject a more colorful personality.
Although my home life is far too hectic to be conducive to any serious, Hemingway-scale attempt at writing, rich inspiration abounds! In my family, I am the calm, cool, and collected Libra who keeps everyone else from murdering each other, but I am responsible for the welfare of a seriously entertaining lot. There are my temperamental, perpetually 9-year-old husband (No mid-life crisis here, folks!) whose feathers are in constant need of smoothing, and two technically grown ‘men’ (my sons) who delight in ruffling said feathers. My dog is a lovable clown and my cat is a stinker, and I wouldn't trade a one of them for the world. They are loud, messy, maddening, and endearing, and have all found their way into my books … well, except for the cat. He may star in his own book down the road if I can ever find a quiet moment to do the illustrations. A girl can dream, right? 

Ginger Myrick was born and raised in Southern California. She is a self-described wife, mother, animal lover, and avid reader and knitter. Along with the promotion for THE WELSH HEALER, and EL REY, she is currently crafting her third novel, which takes place during the U.S. Civil War. She is a Christian who writes meticulously researched historical fiction with a ‘clean’ love story at the core. She hopes to persevere with her newfound talent and show the reading community that a romance need not include graphic details to convey deep love and passion.