26 January 2007

Announcing the Unusual Historicals Face-Out List


It is my pleasure to report that, after discussions with Moderator Carrie, I will be maintaining a list of Unusual Historicals members' current, future and backlisted releases. This list will be an Excel spreadsheet directly linked to the group's sidebar. I call this tool the "face-out list," because a very helpful service readers can perform for their favorite authors in bookstores is to turn the books face-out on the bookshelf for a more eye-catching display. I did have a fan tell me she had noticed LIBERTY because of the Roman sword ("gladius") depicted on the book's spine, and went on to purchase the book, but I know from experience that a customer is more likely to buy a book, especially one written by an unknown author, if the front cover is on display.

To that end, all of you contributors who have current, contracted, or backlisted books are welcome to forward the following information to my private email (kimheadlee@earthlink.net) account:

  • Author's Name
  • Book's Title
  • ISBN (or TBA if under contract)
  • Format (Mass market, Trade, Hardcover)
  • On-Sale Date
  • Shelf life (number of months; default to 6 if you're not sure)
  • Publisher or Imprint
  • Category -- default is Historical Romance because of the nature of this group, but I am not averse to including other books members have published
Since I envision this tool to be used primarily in "stick-and-brick" bookstores, I deliberately have left ebooks off the list. I would be delighted if someone else is willing to manage a similar list for ebook titles, including ebook editions of printed books.

Authors are welcome to email me their books' data -- and updates, in the case of future releases, such as a change in ISBN or on-sale date -- at any time, but I will post a call for updates about a week prior to releasing the updated list. Currently I envision posting the updated file once per quarter. Consider this post to be the official "call for updates" for now -- I plan for the first file to be posted on or about February 1st, but I will switch (for the sake of my own memory) to the traditional fiscal quarter system (January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1) beginning in April.

Kim D Headlee
Author, LIBERTY, writing as Kimberly Iverson, HQN Books, ISBN 0373771347, on sale now
Author, DAWNFLIGHT, ISBN 0671020412