12 December 2006

Aren't Husbands Just the Greatest?

Here's the thing ...

I just finished writing "The Flyer", a 20th Century Historical for Medallion Press, and emailed it off to my editor. I recently discovered that she edits on her computer these days, instead of on paper with a red pen (which has an apparently infinite supply of ink based upon my last round of edits), so I asked if I should send a hard copy of the book in as well.

Yes, I should.

However, recent computer issues that included the demise of two laptops and a desktop, the 'retirement' of another laptop and finally the purchase of a very nice Toshiba (Merry Christmas to me), I have no printer.

When I'd finished 'The Flyer', my husband suggested that I send a copy to him via email for safekeeping. (Note computer issues above... we are now incredibly distrustful of anything with a 'brain', including ourselves LOL)

I did so, and immediately put this project out of my mind. Done. Gone. Back to real life, laundry and on to the next project.

Ahhhh, but my husband remembered that I needed a hard copy and sent me an email tonight, just a few hours ago, stating simply that he'd printed a copy of the book at work and that he was sure it was another great one. That's it. Just a few short words that meant the world to me, because he loves me.

I don't know why, exactly.

I can't cook. I rarely cook. Mt. Laundry is increasing in mass daily. I've seen cleaner bathrooms in truckstops along I-7o (I'm reletively certain Ms. Spears would put her shoes ON to enter mine). I am terrible with money. Bills? Who are Bills? Do I know him?

But he loves me. Not Bill. Keith. Keith thinks I'm great. He thinks my books are great. He is my personal hero and I just wanted to toss it out to the cosmos.

I'm so happy to be here, and I'm looking forward to meeting new folks, as well as hanging out with old friends like Deborah Brent and Karen Mercury. *waving*

Thanks for the invite Carrie! I'll try not to let you down.