02 December 2006


Wow, check out all the cool histories listed here! Salzburg? Ok, am thinking The Sound of Music (all-time favorite movie), but with such a rich history, I'm sure there's more to it than that. The story sounds fascinating.

I'm unpublished and write with a partner (who shuns blogs for reasons she hasn't yet been able to articulate). Together we have a wide and varied interest in history, but some of my favorites include Russia (until 1917), New Orleans (pre-Louisiana Purchase), and World War I. I have a BA in history and a MLS in Library Science. Research comes naturally to me, but somehow my curiosity is never sated.


carrie_lofty said...

Ah, Salzburg... you know, I've studied the city for years now, but I've never visited AND I've never seen The Sound of Music. Ha! But if you want to learn more, it just so happens that yesterday I finished the hard history page on my website. I chopped the preface and afterward from MS because readers found it, well, too academic. So I rescued all that info and saved it to my own web space. But yes, Julie Andrews and Mozart both get nods. I think their modern economy would shrivel up without those two tourist draws! Me, I'd go for the cathedrals. But my husband refuses to gow ith me if even I make the trip, because I'd turn into annoying research tour guide wife -- no fun for him!

Christine Koehler said...

You've never seen The Sound of Music? Huh. Well, if ever I manage to get to Austria, those sites will be on my list of things to see. However, I'm with you on the cathedrals. And castles! How can you miss those? I always wanted to live in one, but can't even imagine cleaning it.