04 December 2006

What's So Unusual?

I recently read a great book by Aysel Arwen set in ancient Egypt. Not only was it a terrific story, but I loved the setting. What could be more intriguing than murder and mayhem in the pharoah's royal harem? A friend of mine, Gerri Russell, will have her first book released in January. It's called The Warrior Trainer, and the warrior trainer is a woman. That's unusual.

Historical romances are my favorite reads by far. Don't you just love to be swept away to a different world where people lived differently than they do now--before microwaves and iPods, to a land where moral values shape cultures that are foreign to our modern thinking?
Or maybe we could be whisked to a totally made-up world, with princesses and dragons and elves. I love fantasy, too. Thanks to LOTR and Harry Potter, we have lots of fantasies from which to choose, and many of them are either historical or alternate-world historical.

So for me, "unusual" is defined not just by setting, but also by concept as well as otherworldly elements. I love 'em all!

Welcome to Unusual Romances, and greetings to my sister "Unusuals." Uh, maybe we should come up with a nickname for ourselves . . .


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Kim Iverson Headlee said...

RE: the female trainer of warriors.
Unusual in publication, perhaps, but not unprecedented in history. If memory serves there was an Irish woman (Scatha? something like that - my research library lies two snow-covered pastures away at the moment!) who did that very thing. My Guinevere character (Gyanhumara) does this, to an extent, for the young Lancelot (Angusel) in DAWNFLIGHT.

RE: what should we call ourselves?
Heh. Well, to borrow from an ancient 7-Up slogan, we could call ourselves the "Un-Writers" ... !

Kim D Headlee
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Jacquie said...

Gerri Russell's warrior trainer character is Scotia. I haven't read the book yet, but I have the ARC. The release date is Jan. 4, so I'm excited to get a copy of the real deal, complete with cover and everything!