11 January 2007

New blogger intro

Hi, my name is Lisa Yarde and I'm one of the new bloggers. I work for a small nonprofit in New York City, but my real passion is...you guessed it, writing.

My favorite period is medieval, but anything in historical fiction that predates the 1900's is a joy to research and write. I've written three manuscripts and am actively seeking publication of one of them. My settings have varied from 13th century Spain and 11th century Orkney to 17th century Barbados. A particular place at a certain time will peak my interest, then I run off to find historical figures who'll make for a compelling read. I tend to have very strong-willed heroines and heroes who always try to do the right thing, but fall short along the way. Adding a dose of intrigue and tragedy helps character growth; none of the persons I write about ever have dull lives.

Thanks to my fellow bloggers for the invitation to participate. I look forward to reading your posts, doing some posts of my own, and viewing comments.


Anne Whitfield - author said...

Fancy meeting you here!

How-do Lisa!

Lisa Yarde said...

Anne, I see that Eliza's here as well. What a small world.

Eliza said...


Hi! It's really good to have you here, too!

Anonymous said...

The 17th century Barbados ms sounds great! Is Sam Lord in it? Loved Barbados

Jacquie said...

Welcome, Lisa. Wow, what interesting stories!