22 January 2007

Pick A Number

Feedback on the loop has indicated that many of you would prefer to claim a particular day to contribute. These would be the more craft- and history-oriented posts about a particular issue or concern in your time period of choice. Self-promotion posts such as Morag's blurb or Marjorie's announcement can still be contributed at any time!

Your task: if you want to claim a day, reply in the comments. If you want Day 10, that means each month on the 10th you would contribute your post. If your day happens to fall on a Friday, you can be responsible for the Friday Discussion Question. If everyone claims a day, that means 21 guaranteed posts each month -- and only one post per month for you to write. Not too harsh, commitment wise. Throw in the odd discussion question and special announcement, and we'll have a jumping blog.

Let's get this sorted soon so that we can begin for February. I'll dive right in and choose Day 1.


Anne Whitfield - author said...

I'll pick the 20th, please.

Morag McKendrick Pippin said...

Please assign me a day! It doesn't matter. If I pick a day it's guaranteed not to be a good day:-)
Decisions aren't my thing. They're like, ya know, too intense for this blonde.

PennyAsh1 said...

I could do the 30th

Karen Mercury said...

Can I take the 31st? :):)

Anything's fine, really...the 24th sounds good. Like Morag said, any day's guaranteed to come too soon!

carrie_lofty said...

100% participation -- excellent, ladies! I've updated the sidebar with all of the contribution days, in case you forget or readers wish to "tune in" for particular authors, and I'll send an individual e-mail reminder the day before.