04 January 2007

Review for Michelle

Dear Author has just posted a review of Michelle's A Noble Captive, which garners a B grade from Jayne. You'll have to let us know, Michelle, when Harlequin gives you a US publication date! Best of luck with this release.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks Carrie.

No doubt when TPTB give me a NA release date, I shall be shouting it from the highest hils.

I enjoyed reading Jayne's thought provoking review and was gratified that she thought I improved...

carrie_lofty said...

I just picked it up at Sainsbury's! My husband and I always stock up on Brit foods (biscuits, crisps, etc. that we can't get in the States) and found it on the bookshelf -- along with about 1,000 other dust covered and poorly displayed HQ and M&B titles from months past. Noble Captive was at the very, very end with a half dozen otehr, non-dust covered titles, which must have been where they put new releases :)