17 January 2007

Site Info

If you haven't already signed up to the Yahoo! group we've established for this blog, please do so. First, it will allow me to make administrative posts like this in a less public place (if we start getting readers, they won't want to read this!).

Second, I have just set up the relationship between the blog and the group so that any new information posted here -- be it an entry or subsequent comments -- will be copied to the list. That way, you don't have to sign up for Bloglines to keep up with the latest posting here, nor do you have to keep checking back to see if there's anything new. You can sign up for the group simply by typing your preferred e-mail address into the box in the sidebar.

Jacquie has suggested that we volunteer to take particular days during the month for posting. Any thoughts? Would you prefer to set a certain day for yourself, possibly to make the process more consistent?

And finally, if you know you have a new release coming out and you'd like to change the book featured in the sidebar, just drop me a line with the standard info: title, publication information, setting and time period. This might also help if you have a larger back catalogue (Jennifer!) and want to rotate books.

Otherwise, I will resume the weekly discussion question as of tomorrow. I'm back in the States and back in front of my laptop. Yay!


Eliza said...

I'm cool with an assignation of posting dates -- and in that vein, Sat-Mon won't work for me. ;-)

Glad you got back home safely! We're off to catch up on 24, since our FOX reception is crappy and we have to wait to download it.

Kim Iverson Headlee said...

OTOH, I would prefer not to have an assigned posting day. I happen to be one of 3 individuals in the US of A still saddled with a dialup connection (okay, I exaggerate; there's probably at least a dozen of us - ha). Plus, with juggling contest judging, research, writing, and whatnot, I favor the freedom of posting what I can, when I can.