01 February 2007

2006 P.E.A.R.L. Award Nominations!

I'm a little stunned to learn that:

My story in No Law Against Love, "Faery Good Advice," was nominated for the 2006 PEARL Awards in the Best Short Story/Novella category. This is great because that story, in a modified version, is also the last story in Faery Special Romances.

Other good news: Blue Moon Enchantment, which features stories by Judith Laik, Sherrie Holmes, and me, is nominated Best Anthology PEARL Award!

I'm a happy girl. :)

Even more good news: Deborah MacGillivray has FIVE nominations (one for Best Debut Author!) and Dawn Thompson had FOUR (including for Best Overall Paranormal)! Besides their own fabulous books, they each have stories in Blue Moon Enchantment.

BTW, if you are a PNR member, we would sure appreciate your vote!

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No Law Against Love on Amazon (Jan. 2006, Highland Press)
Blue Moon Enchantment on Amazon (Oct. 2006, Highland Press)
Faery Special Romances on Amazon (May 2007, Highland Press)


Sherrie Holmes said...

Jacquie, I don't know why you are stunned. It's no secret in the writing community that you are an accomplished writer and that your stories rock. I remember the first time I judged your manuscript in a contest and laughed my way through the entire entry. I had no idea who the writer was, but I sure knew she was going places.

Congratulations on some well-deserved recognition. 'Atta girl!

Delia DeLeest said...

What wonderful news. Major congratulations, Jacquie!

Tess said...

Jacquie - Major congrats on the nominations!!! That's fantastic news :-) I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Morag McKendrick Pippin said...


Jacquie said...

Thanks so much, Sherrie, Delia, Tess, and Morag. I'm still thrilled.

The 2006 PEARL Award Finalists are an amazing collection of talented authors. I can't believe my name is on that list!


Bonnie Vanak said...

Woo hoo, major congrats Jacquie!