15 February 2007

A Contest from Marjorie Jones -- That's Frau Jones to you!

I'm foreign!

To celebrate the German release of The Jewel and the Sword, re-titled Rescuer of my Heart or Retter meines Herzens in German, I'm holding a contest.

Many of the German translations of American romance novels are re-covered for the German release. Many of them are re-covered with old recycled American covers. A friend of mine, Jolie Mathis, actually received a bona-fide Fabio cover for her German translation of The Sea King.

We had alot of fun in our critique group when one of our members found the original American title to which that cover belonged. And that gave me an idea ...

So here's the deal. I'm posting the image of my new German cover. The first reader to send me the link to an image of the original book wins a copy of The Jewel and the Sword (the American version.) You can send the link to me via the contact page of my website.

So search those memories, keeper-shelves, where-ever you might find the answer, because I honestly don't know. And I would love to. That's the whole point of the contest. I'm hoping some lucky winner will recognize it right off the bat and email like... oh.... now!

Wow... I'm GERMAN! How kewl is that?