10 March 2007

Places to Write

I had this blog all planned out. I was going to write about my trip to Puerto Rico and how the beach view has inspired me to finish my current WIP. This is a writing vacation, but I've been here since Thursday morning and have yet to do more than veg and lay by the pool. OK, I've figured out the ending to the story, too.

However, it's been a trial getting online. With that frustration, I've realized how addicted I am to the internet. It's not pretty.

I'm staying with a friend who has an apartment in San Juan, with her own computer. (She doesn't live here, only visits.) Even though it's not wireless, last year we had no problem getting online. This year, nothing worked. The monitor died, the cable ethernet didn't hook up to my laptop, it was one thing after another. We literally just got on now.

Still, Puerto Rico is a beautiful place to write. What inspires you? Can you go someplace outside your office, or do you prefer to stay within something familiar and with less distractions? Does a walk along the beach help you think, or cause your mind to wander?


Jen said...

I hate it when I can't get online, and worse is when the connection is slow, and every page is a chore to download! This is especially true when I'm posting to a bulletin board, comment page, or a form.

I think an office is useful for me, mostly because it would be a great place to store books I use in writing, but I think I write better, and more comfortably, in settings such as a book store or at a beach. Maybe a beautiful park, too, with a cool breeze. Can't be too hot or cold, of course.

Kim Iverson Headlee said...

The "where" doesn't matter to me so much as the "how" -- i.e., because of my neck fracture I must be settled in a comfortable chair, with proper neck support, to write. This usually translates to the easy chair in our family room, or the easy chair in my office, a fully appointed place that doubles as a guesthouse, located two pastures away. For birthing "virgin" prose it helps if the room is quiet and relatively distraction-free. Either way it translates to having my laptop and no Internet. (I refuse to allow my writing computer to have any truck with the outside world. Talk about "vigrins." ;) Fortunately, I never have been addicted to the online experience. Working several years as an HTML developer for a federal agency probably cured me of that forever.

Tess said...

It depends on my mood, but generally I can write pretty much anywhere - out on the deck (well, when we get one again, though I wrote on the deck of our house in Ontario), at the library, in a coffee shop, at the office (back when we still had one in Ontario) etc. Or just in my little corner of our cabin. When writing one place doesn't work, I often change both the method (hand write instead of type) and the venue (trundle off to the library) and that usually helps.

OTOH, when we FINALLY have a house, I might be hard-pressed to leave it and its environs for the first few weeks to do anything but buy groceries *g*.