19 April 2007

What a roller-coaster week . . .

I do have some writing-related news to share, but first I want to express my deepest condolences and heartfelt prayers to the families and friends of the slain, the students, faculty and staff of Virginia Tech, and everyone else who has been affected by this tragic event. My farm lies only about 50 miles from the university, and my son Jon went to high school with the gunman -- though Jon was a year behind Cho and didn't know him. Fortunately, Jon attends college elsewhere in Virginia, but some of his friends have been affected, including HS football teammates Sean Glennon and Eddie Royal, who are two of VT's starting offensive players. In keeping with the sentiment of a drawing that has been doubtless circling the globe this week, "Today we are all Hokies."

My writing-related news is that LIBERTY has finaled in another contest, the Write Touch Readers Award, sponsored by the Wisconsin Romance Writers! That telephone call came this evening, obviously sending my emotional roller-coaster to a much-needed high point. In this contest I entered LIBERTY in the Romantic Elements category, so apparently my intuition was right on target. :)

~Kim "Kimberly Iverson" Headlee


carrie_lofty said...

That has to be pretty frightening, hitting so close your home and family, Kim. Hang in there.

As for the contest, congratulations! I also finaled in a Wisconsin chapter contest -- their Fab Five for unpublished authors. My medieval alchemy WIP, Redeeming Will Scarlet, is competing in the historical category (naturally). Yay! That means I've learned how to write a damn good opening hook!

This is my first final, so I'm supercharge excited. Fingers crossed for us both :)

Michelle Styles said...

VT has been a terrible tragedy, Kim. My sympathies go out to anyone who was personally touched by this.

Wonderful news about the contest. It is so fantastic to hear that Unusual Historicals are doing well.

My own date with destiny as it were is next Friday when the Romantic Novelist Association has its awards ceremony. Personally I am planning on going and having fun, the honour is in being a finalist.

Sandra Schwab said...

I was totally shocked when I heard about the shooting. It's unbelievable that something like that happened once again, that a person would just walk around campus and shoot people in cold blood. And of course, it must be so much more horrible for the people who're living in the community, not to speak of those who lost loved ones.


Congrats on finalling in the contest! I shall keep my fingers crossed for you!