24 May 2007

Historical Novel Society Conference

Just a quick note--I'm about to head off to the Historical Novel Society Conference in Albany (New York, that is--my brother thought I meant California). I believe it's only their second one in the U.S., and the keynote speakers are Bernard Cornwell and Diana Gabaldon. I'm not going to try and pitch an agent since I'm terrible at that FTF stuff--that's why I decided to be a writer and not an actress. But the program looks FANTASTIC and I'll give a full report on the apparent state of the historical when I get back. (See you there, Lisa!)

Oh, and the brown Newfoundland puppy? Just because she's cute. I put brown Newfoundlands into two of my novels. Just because. They're cute.


Morag McKendrick Pippin said...

What a darling puppy!!
My two Princelings - giant Maine Coons - turn 3 today.

Karen Mercury said...

Hey Morag,
I've been looking for another brown female Newfoundland forever. Now I just cut out the pictures and put them into frames--sob sob! Well, I guess it gives me something to look forward to in life...

Morag McKendrick Pippin said...

I hope you are able to find another brown female Newfoundland pup! Try Dogster.com They have several breeds up for adoption.
My Princelings have their own webpage on Catster.com They aren't spoiled:-))))

Jacquie said...

How cute!

I was raised by a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, which were bred from Newfoundlands. Wonderful dogs.

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