30 June 2007

Historicals: What Got You Started?

It's a given that everyone who reads historicals has at least a passing interest in history, whether they were given a Regency by a friend or relative and told "read this it's good," or they picked up a novel in the grocery store because it had a bright cover featuring a guy in a kilt or a Viking, or whatever. So my question is what got you the writer started and what is it about your favorite era that made you want to write a book set in that time?
For me it was a book on Medieval history in the 6th grade. I took it home the first day of school and read the whole thing. I graduated to my mother's Georgette Heyer novels and from there my dad being stationed to Crete sparked the interest in ancient history. I got interested in genealogy and the further back I went the more I wanted to recreate what it must have been like to live during ancient times, hence my ebook Caesar's Love.
So, how did you all get hooked on your favorite eras?
Oh yeah, and do you have any favorite historical figures that you'd love to base a character on but haven't yet? Rather partial to Catherine the Great myself.


Delia DeLeest said...

I've always loved history and when it came to reading romances, never even considered contemporaries. But, I think I've mentioned before what got me interested in the 1920's. I've got an obsession with young David Canary and got my hands on a 1960's gangster movie he was in based on the St. Valentine's Day massacre. It had 0 romance, but my wheels started spinning nonetheless.

Incidentally, in my mind, all my heroes look like David Canary did in that movie. :)

PennyAsh said...

Sometimes it's something totally not romantic at all that gets the plot bunnies hopping.

:) Personally in my mind all my heroes look like Johnny Depp in Once Upon A Time In Mexico.

carrie_lofty said...

That's not a bad thing, Penny -- although I'm trying to think about how he'd looked trussed up like a Roman :)

PennyAsh said...

LOL He'd make a good evil Caesar

jennifer said...

Reading a Oregon Trail novel that rather sucked i said i could do better and that started that. I kept putting too much story in it though and branched out with all the times periods i wanted to explore.

Christine Koehler said...

Captain Blood the one with Errol Flynn, of course. The doctor turned gentleman-slave then gentleman-pirate who still carried a torch for the niece of his owner. That movie got me interested in the book, which had little romance (but it was there) and sparked my interest in historicals. My mom's prodigious contemporary romance collection got me hooked on romance in general.

And yes, my heroes are all clones of Errol Flynn. Though now that I've seen Pirates 3, they're bound to start looking more like Orlando Bloom. Yum.