10 June 2007


I still have two hours before my day to post is lost! Wacky weekend - posting completely slipped my mind. Saw Pirates 3 last night (yum and yes, it was good. I loved it), then today we celebrated Christmas with one side of my family. Yes, I said Christmas. We tried in January, but no go. February, March, April, May there was always something to do or someone couldn't make it. June it was. There were Christmas wrapped presents, we had a tree (with lights!) and Christmas cookies. No, we didn't sing, but may have completely confused the 5 and unders with our talk of Merry Christmas!

We've decided it might become a trend. You know start one now rather than jump on the bandwagon in a few years when it's so popular.

My original post was going to be on some historical thing, but now it's on character quirks. I once read a book (I'm terrible at titles and this was so long ago I couldn't tell you an author if you wrote it out for me) where the heroine never cursed. She had a potty mouth and bet someone that she could stop cursing anytime she wanted. Instead of even a simple 'damn,' she used wild terms to express her curses. It was a small point story-wise, but it obviously stuck out in a story that I otherwise couldn't tell you a word of.

Quirks go to characterization, to rounding out your plot. What are your favorites? What are so annoying that you couldn't even finish the story because of a trait? What are your character's idiosyncrasies?