07 July 2007

Seventy Days of Sweat

I'm participating in Alison Kent's Seventy Days of Sweat. Anyone else up for the challenge?


Michelle Styles said...

As I get the rabbit in the headlamp feeling, I will be with you in spirit.

It is disconcerting to realise that it is only 70 days to 20 Sept. I have promised my editor my next wip for 21 Sept, so I will be doing rather more than this, in order to get it done.

Good luck Carrie, though.

PennyAsh said...

I've signed up, haven't decided if I'll finish up a wip or start something new ye though

Terra Kent said...

I've signed up.

Christine Koehler said...

I won't sign up, because it'd be terribly embarrassing if I failed. But I WILL try my best to unofficially do this. I really like your 500 words a day, Carrie, so I might try that (again) this summer, except expand it to finishing the entire book in 10 weeks.

I have to agree, it's doable. That's not the problem, lol. It's the commitment.