15 July 2007

Sometimes Life is Hard

I had a great topic for today, but life got in the way.

My dad is dying of stage four lung cancer and a brain tumor. He has fast growing and slow growth cancer. My mom is having mini-strokes that have led to what is known as "lower body Parkinson's."

We have friends and family members who pop in during the day and someone stays the night. The last night I stayed with them brought home the irony of life. I'm sitting at one end of the kitchen table using my nebulizer and dad is sitting at the other end chain smoking.

The doctors tell us dad's time is getting close. Even though the chemo is not really helping, dad refuses to give up. He is going out fighting. He has already lived longer than anyone else I've know with this type of cancer. When dad passes I fully expect my mom to not be far behind.

At night, before they go to bed, they kiss and cry in case one of them is gone in the morning. I hope when my time comes, I can face death with the dignity and determination of my father.

One last thought, if you smoke, STOP. As a former smoker I know how hard it is, but dying from lung cancer is not pretty and very hard on those who love you.